How to use Webmail

From time to time, you may have a need to use your Webmail facility.

This may because you need to access your email whilst using someone else’s computer, or you may be having an issue with your email service and you want to test it to see if it’s working.

Using Webmail is very easy. Simply visit (where “” is substituted with your actual Domain Name).

This will present a screen where you are required to enter your Username and Password.

Webmail Login

Enter your email address as the Username, and whatever Password you chose when you setup your email address, and then click “Log in”.

Once you have done this, you will be presented with the following screen.

Webmail Roundcube

You have three options to choose from. They all do the same thing, but just look different. I personally prefer “RoundCube”, so that’s what we’ll run with.

After clicking on RoundCube, you will see the Webmail interface and the Inbox, with any emails that are waiting.

Webmail Roundcube Inbox

From here, it is pretty much like using any email program, so I won’t go into the nitty gritty’s.

Suffice to say that you can perform all of the same functions as you can with any email program.