APB Auto

Strictly speaking, we did not design this website for APB Auto in Caboolture. We did however take over from another web designer, and make it into what it is today, improving layout and functionality.

It is a CMS WordPress based website, as are all our websites.

It features a Home Page Slider, FAQ’s, Subscribable News Blog, Photo Gallery, and eCommerce.

Established in 2012, we are a Family Operated Business that are 100% Online – We run from our premises here in QLD. This means we have low overheads which we pass onto you our customer, our suppliers are some of the largest in Australia and this combination makes it possible for us to not only be competitive, but in some cases we are simply unbeatable on price and service.

We cater to Postal Contractors, Real Estate, Pamphlet Delivery, and the public, we supply Quality Ex-Australia Post Bikes reconditioned with a RWC ready to go back to work on the road or just for farm use.

5 Months ago after searching through suitable Web Developers my wife and I settled on a Local Caboolture Computer Shop that promised they could not only supply the website that we needed, but that our website was guaranteed to have the WOW Factor.

Previously they had fixed our computer and we where comfortable they would give us the wow site we wanted.

Little did we realize that the WOW factor would refer to just how badly our website would be built and the Speed of our new $3500 website was the biggest Wow, Pages dropped out constantly,pages took over a minute at times to load and the site was breaking all over the place. It was unusable and so slow customers where leaving in droves.

The money we paid took all of our resources and after 5 months left us with a site that was failing badly. Speed was our number one concern and here we had a site that was slower enough to make customers leave in droves.

It was obvious we where losing customers and money because of the speed and page drop outs. We received a half built site that was amateur at best and completely useless.

ENTER SPOTTY DOG – It was at this point where we sought the assistance of Iain from Spotty Dog Computers, as we simply had to get our site out of the current web developers hands and into someone that knew not only how to fix the speed but to set out our Website the way we wanted it.

Iain not only managed to give us the site we wanted, his advice led us into building a site we are not only proud of, but our customers love it too.

BEWARE- Just because your Local Computer Shop fixes computers, does not mean you will get an experienced Web designer or that they will produce what they promise in regards to building a website.

SPOTTY DOG COMPUTERS – Guaranteed ! After dealing with several Developers I believe Spotty Dog Computers can deliver ANY website requirement needed, Iain has extensive knowledge in WordPress and this extensive knowledge is Impressive to say the least.

Needless to say, Spotty Dog Computers now Host our Website, Maintain our Website and advise us on any changes we want to make in regards to Improvements. To say I am grateful we found Spotty Dog is an understatement.

BUSINESS OWNERS NEEDING A WEBSITE – If you are looking for a business website or E-commerce store, then I offer you the chance to avoid my Mis-Fortune, give Iain from Spotty Dog Computers a call and save yourself a lot of money and heartache.
If we had chosen Spotty Dog Computers at the beginning we would have saved hundreds of dollars and received the site we wanted in the first place only better.

Thanks Iain for saving us and our website before it was too late. Needless to say we are now your biggest fan !