• This particular Theme supports video slides

    Video slides and video backgrounds from youtube and vimeo, as well as self hosted html5 video files

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  • With this Theme, there are several options.

    You get additional Video Options when embedding a video, like muting the audio, looping the video, and hiding its controls.

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WordPress Themes

One of the keys to a stunning WordPress website is the choice of a WordPress Theme (and the right choice of Developer of course).

With the right WordPress Theme, you can create some very Beautiful, Visually Appealing, and Engaging websites.

But that isn’t the only consideration when choosing a WordPress Theme.

There are things like Ease of Use, Support from the Theme Developer, Features and Functions, and Mobile and Tablet friendliness.

Your WordPress Theme should have an easy way to add Custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), as this allows you to “tweak” the code to get things just right.

Having built-in features and functionality so you don’t have to install additional Plug-in’s is also an advantage.

But there are just some plugin’s you must install.

For example, Security related Plug-in’s, a good SEO Plug-in, and any Special Features not included in most Themes.

Choosing a WordPress Theme

When choosing a WordPress Theme, be sure to source one from a reputable company, and stay right away from Free Themes because they are notorious for bundling either Malicious Code, or Advertising.

Support is also lacking in Free Themes, and generally Free Themes just don’t look good either.

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Create an effect that shows a peek at a static background image.

A desirable effect if you wish to provide visual impact that explains what the page is all about.

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Create Images with Hot Spots to inform and engage website visitors.


Responsive WordPress Themes.


Create Features to highlight important points.


Create Eye Catching Headings.


Create Portfolio Items to Showcase your work.

Value for Money

To obtain a good, well featured Theme, you will need to part with some Hard Earned Cash. But it shouldn’t cost the Earth, and you can get great Themes for a surprisingly reasonable cost.


You should receive updates for your Theme, preferably for life, but that is only in an ideal world. But it should be for at least 12 months.

Mobile Ready

Any WordPress Theme you purchase should be responsive. ie. Resize itself and elements on the page when viewed on different sized screens.

SEO Friendly

Your Theme must be SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly, or should allow the use of a good SEO Plug-in.

Another way of displaying the same information is by using Tabbed Content.

To obtain a good, well featured Theme, you will need to part with some Hard Earned Cash. But it shouldn’t cost the Earth, and you can get great Themes for a surprisingly reasonable cost.

Of course there is more to creating a website than just choosing the right Theme.  You need to have an understanding of things like Child Themes, CSS and HTML.

A wonderful engaging experience!

With a WordPress Theme like this one, you can create an engaging User Experience that will encourage return visitors.

Eye Candy
A list
Rocket Science?

With this WordPress Theme, you can highlight the Progress of Tasks, or display a graphical representation of a Skill Level.

Skill or Task 100%
Skill or Task 85%
Skill or Task 60%

This is an example of an Accordion Slider

  • Hot Air Balloons

Easily insert YouTube or Vimeo Videos into a page

Got something to sell?

Quickly create a Product or Service that links to your online store.

Got a Special Event coming up?

Create a countdown timer to the Event. This timer is counting down to April Fools Day 2025.