Effective as of 1 Nov 2021

Your website will be developed (or if you are an existing customer, has been developed) using a Content Management System (CMS). The CMS we use is the Open Source platform known as WordPress. A CMS will allow you to log-in to the backend of your website to make content changes yourself.  If additional changes are required to be made to your website by Spotty Dog Computer Services after development has been completed, then labour charges will apply.

If you make changes to the website yourself that cause errors to your website, or changes that affect the layout of the content of the website that you are not happy with, and you can’t fix it yourself and Spotty Dog Computer Services is required to rectify these, then labour charges will apply.

Our labour charges are $55/hr, and as a guide only, expect a minimum of 15 – 20 hours labour to setup, install, and build even a simple website using WordPress. This excludes any time for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). With respect to SEO, no guarantee can be made for specific search results. No one can guarantee specific search results. Google constantly change their algorithm, which is a secret anyway. All we can do is employ best practices and advise what you need to be doing to get the best results you can. Time spent in consultation and discussions regarding your website are part of the development process and are billed accordingly, including any initial Face to Face consultations. Initial Face to Face consultation charges are due at the end of that consultation.

If you choose to have your website hosted with us, the starting price is $154/yr for Hosting on a Shared Hosting Server and includes an SSL Certificate, and 150GB of web space. If you choose to have your website hosted elsewhere and there are technical issues with the Hosting, and Spotty Dog Computer Services is required to consult, liaise, and rectify these issues with a 3rd party hosting service, then labour charges will apply.

Spotty Dog Computer Services resells Hosting and Domain Services; we do not operate our own Servers. The Severs are “Shared Servers”, and as such, there will be periods where your website may slow down due to peak loads, and from time to time there may be outages that could affect your website and/or email services. This does not occur very often, but if it does, please note that this is out of the control of Spotty Dog Computer Services.

In addition to your Hosting Fees, a Monthly Maintenance Fee of $29.00 ($348/yr) is applicable to all CMS websites and this fee covers updates to all plug-in’s used and any updates that become available for the WordPress platform, and scheduled weekly backups. ***Note: – The Monthly Maintenance Fee DOES NOT cover edits, changes, additions, or modifications to your website, including uploading images, changes to content, installation of new plug-in’s and so on. If after the completion of your website you require additional changes or modifications, a minimum charge of $33 will apply.

If you have a “Mission Critical” website, and require a highly reliable and faster Hosting solution, we recommend our Dedicated Server. You can “lease” space and resources on our Dedicated Server. This option costs $699/yr. This includes Monthly Maintenance, Backup’s, extra resources (Memory & CPU) over and above standard Shared Hosting limits, a free SSL Certificate, and free access to the WP-Rocket performance enhancement caching Plug-in valued at US$49/yr. I recommend this option for most Businesses.

You can find out specific details on this option by clicking the button below.

***Note: – If your WordPress Theme or Plug-in’s become incompatible due to WordPress Updates, Theme Updates, Plug-in Updates, become obsolete and/or unsupported, or a combination thereof, then we will be unable to update WordPress or the affected Plug-in’s. This will affect the security of your website and in these cases, you would need to consider updating the Website Theme and/or Plug-in’s.

Website Hosting and Monthly Maintenance Fees are payable up front before website development begins, and are recurring every 12 months for a total of $502.00 (if you chose Shared Hosting), and $699.00 if you chose to have your website hosted on our Dedicated Server.

During the website development process, you will be sent an Invoice at the end of each month for the labour up until that point.

Please Note:

Our terms for development of new or existing websites are 7 days. If payment of Invoices exceeds 7 days, no further website development will be undertaken until payment is made, and any applicable services may be cancelled.

Payment of all Hosting related products and services like Domains, Hosting and Plug-in renewals are to be paid by their due dates.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Spotty Dog Computer Services does not get involved with any free Web Design Services like Wix or Weebly, and we do not provide any technical support related to these services. Any technical support related to these free services must be sought from those free services. The same applies for Services such as Shopify. Tech support related to this Service must also be sought through that Service.

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