This is the website we designed for D. G. Certifiers located in Narangba.

It is a CMS WordPress based website, as are all our websites.

It features a unique Theme that has a flashy effect that slides each page up when it is viewed.

It also has a Blog Subscription feature, FAQ’s, Testimonials, and Photo Gallery.

D G Certifiers Pty Ltd is owned and operated by Darryl Green who has been associated within the building industry now for 30 years and is licensed as a Private Building Certifier with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.We have the resources and have built excellent industry relationships over time, to provide you with everything that is required for Building Certification and Approvals and Pool Safety.

D. G. Certifiers working with home owners, home builders, owner builders, property developers and other industry professionals providing private certification services, issue of building approvals, inspection services and consultancy services.

Working with you to provide the expertise and professional service which we customise and simplify for you, specific to your project to achieve your goals.