How to setup an email address in cPanel

The first step is to log into your Web Hosting account, the interface is known as cPanel.

To log-in, enter into your Internet Browser’s navigation bar (where “” is substituted with your actual Domain Name).

This will present a screen where you are required to enter your Username and Password.

cPanel Log-in

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Once inside the cPanel system, click on the ‘Email Accounts’ icon, located near the top of the cPanel page, in the section named “Mail”. This will take you to the Email account screen where you can add/delete/modify email accounts.

cPanel Email

To create a new email account simply fill in the necessary form fields as described below:

Email: Enter the prefix for your email. For example “info” or “admin” etc.

Password: Enter the password that you wish to use for this account. You will need to enter it twice to indicate that you haven’t mistyped it. You can also use the “Password Generator” button next to the Strength Indicator, which will automatically create a password for you. Just remember that the password is randomly generated and although very secure, it can be difficult to remember!

Mailbox Quota: Enter the total amount of megabytes that you want the mail account to have. If you ignore this field, the default value of 250MB will be used. Or you can choose “Unlimited”.

Click “Create Account” to immediately activate the account.

cPanel email

The email account will be active immediately and you can start sending and receiving email with it.

You can do that via webmail by visiting, or by setting up an email client to use the email address.

Using Webmail and setting up an email clients is a different topic of conversation.