What do you get when you “lease” space on our Dedicated Server?

So even though I have much of this information in our Terms & Conditions, I thought I would spell it out in more detail, in an easier to read, and easier to digest form.

The cost of “leasing” space on our Virtual Private Server (VPS) is $685/yr, but what does this buy you?

New Terms & Conditions for 2017

Happy New Year.

This is just a quick Post to let everyone know that I have updated my T’s & C’s effective 1 Jan 2017.

The full T’s & C’s can be read at full at https://www.websitedesignmorayfield.com.au/terms-conditions/, but here is a Summary of the Main Changes:

  1. My hourly rate has increased from $44/hr to $55/hr. This is still way less than my competitors rates.
  2. Any changes to your websites will incur a minimum charge of $33. This has been introduced because some customers are requesting lots of minor changes one after the other. If changes are required, please have a think about it and include them all in the one request. This will make the process more time and cost effective.
  3. My Payment Terms are strictly 7 Days from the date shown on an Invoice. This has always been the case, but now there is an addition to my terms that expands on this. That being, “if payment of Invoices exceeds the 7 days, no further website development will be undertaken until payment is made, and any applicable services may be cancelled”. I have introduced this measure due to ongoing instances by some customers not paying their Invoices on time. I am generally expected to carry out the work requested straight away, and I therefore expect that Invoices are paid within the 7 days. I do not think that this is an unreasonable request. This is not directed at customers who have not paid Invoices for December. I realise that people are away on holidays. This is aimed at Invoices that were overdue throughout 2016.