This is the website we designed for the Vehicle Buying and Selling Business SJW Dealer Services, located in Wodonga Victoria.

It is a CMS WordPress based website, as are all our websites.

It features Flash Animation in the Header, Vehicle Search by model/make/year function, and Testimonials.

SJW Dealer Services was established to assist both car buyers with their purchase, and Sellers alike.

I understand how limited time can be, and how buying the ‘new family car’ becomes a ‘chore’ rather than a happy event, or even a Company that needs several vehicles bought, or sold, and the time constraints that impede the process.

Do you have a trade in?  No problems.  We are constantly in touch with dealers and buyers looking for stock, even if you only want to sell your car, we can arrange it all on your behalf.

You can also advertise on the website by sending me a picture and a description, to help you reach potential purchasers.  You never know, someone might be looking for your car!!