This is the website we designed for MagClamps1 located in Burpengary.

It is a CMS WordPress based website, as are all our websites.

It features a Home Page Slider, FAQ’s, Testimonials and eCommerce.

We are a new innovative company based in the Northern suburbs of Brisbane.

Our design to replace the existing construction clamps is the extra pair of hands you need on site. The use of framing in the construction industry is well known. Prior methods of installing tracks and studs to steel girders involves a team of two to hold and clamp the track or stud against the structural steel. The framing components, if metal, are then usually fastened to the structural steel. The existing G-clamps and F-clamps normally used for these procedures are cumbersome and often hard to manoeuvre and position. The use of the prior clamps also requires workers to lean out beyond the safety of the scaffolding to align and clamp the framing components. MagClamps will eliminate some or all of the above disadvantages of the prior installation method.