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My tips for better SEO

5 tips for better SEO. No Blackhat Techniques, Page Speed Optimisation, Quality Content, Internal Linking, Page Titles and Meta Descriptions.

New Terms & Conditions for 2017

Happy New Year. This is just a quick Post to let everyone know that I have updated my T’s & C’s effective 1 Jan 2017. The full T’s & C’s can be read at full at https://www.websitedesignmorayfield.com.au/terms-conditions/, but here is a Summary of the Main Changes: My hourly rate has increased from $44/hr to $55/hr. […]

Image Optimisation

When it comes to managing your own website, many people upload images at the largest size and highest resolution, which results is slower page loads and that creates a large website that becomes problematic to backup, and restore if necessary. Backups become very large and can time-out, and restoring the website from a backup is […]

Shared Hosting vs a VPS

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for my customers on Shared Hosting, with Server issues and a percentage of downtime that I just wasn’t comfortable with. Not the ideal situation for a Website Owner. So this has prompted me to write this Blog Post. It is becoming increasingly clear to me that Budget Shared Hosting […]

Millions of Joomla websites at risk due to bug

Uh oh, this isn’t good. It seems that for over two years there has been a SQL-injection vulnerability in the Joomla Platform (which is used in millions of websites) that will allow remote takeover hacks. SQL-injection vulnerabilities allow end users to execute powerful commands on a website’s backend database by entering “special” text in search boxes […]

Website Revamp

I’m pleased to announce our much anticipated Website Revamp. I’ve spent the last two weeks designing, tweaking and generally re-doing everything to do with the website. It features an awesome Home Page “Layered” Slider, animated thumbnails and images, Testimonials and elegant styling. It is of course responsive, meaning that it will display on all different […]

Are the dot com & dot com.au TLD’s dead?

My personal opinion is no, .COM and .COM.AU TLD’s (Top Level Domains) are not dead by a long shot. However, there are many prominent organistaions out there suggesting that they are going the way of the dinosaur and are dead and buried. There are a whole raft of new TLD’s now available. For example, .SYDNEY, .MARKET, .DENTIST, […]

Websites are being Encrypted and held to Ransom

There is a new security threat for website owners to contend with. Similar to Crypto-locker and other Ransomware, there is a new threat that will encrypt the core database files of a website. Dubbed “RansomWeb” by Security firm High-Tech Bridge, database files are encrypted, and an email is sent to the admin demanding the payment of a Ransom […]

Should you be using Domain Name Email?

So let’s start off by defining what “Domain Name Email” is. What I mean by this is using an email address that ends with your Domain Name. For example, info@domain.com.au. Over the years I have seen plenty of businesses (even though they own a Domain Name and have a website), that continue to use either their […]